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what you do:
1. fill the assessment form 2.if you are qualified to apply send the request with the DD favouring Mr. Raju Kumaraswamy, Account No 16206, Syndicate Bank, Egmore Branch, Chennai 3.get our email receipt and then original receipt with all instruction to be followed 4. get all the forms and prepare it and send it back to us 5.wait for the acknowledgement from Immigration authroties either to us or to you 6. prepare yourselves for an interview and qualify yourselves for various language skills, if possible learn French to increase your marks 7.interview calls may be takes around 44 months as per the official information, but much consideration being given to get earlier calls if your type of job is much in demand in Canadian job market may choose different Country for interview provided you are able to support yourselves to attend interview at such a selection country with your stay, visa and other things. must think much to please the interviewing officer with your skill of talks and behaviour for it may gets marks
People from outside India will pay in US Dollars for all Fees & Charges. Please convert it to applicable currency rates applicable at your country of Residence.

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Raju Kumaraswamy, international Travel Consultant (iata/uftaa-by Geneva) is running this show, experienced in Travel Industry for the last 27 Years, is able to assist you for all sort of Canada & Other Countries Immigration Formalities & Visas.
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Kumaraswamy worldwide's New Travel Desk at (s'Rani Air Tours)
B15, First Floor, Gemini Parsen Complex, 121 Kodambakkam High Road, Chennai -600006, tel 28217525

Kumaraswamy worldwide office NO 25/New No 4,  Subramaniyam Colony, 2nd street, MG Road-Shastri Nagar-Thiruvanmiyur-Chennai --600041
{land mark::adyar depot->towards Velankanni Church->Vannanthurai bus stop->then few yards back Subramaniyam Colony, II street)

   Email:  [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected]
                   <> ww<><>

own Service, without agents in Canada, we will help you how to apply and qualify for it... call us immediately or send us an email.  Let us be your Professional Representative to guide
your goodselves for Processing your Papers.
However We can also handle your papers with the help of our Canadian Associate,who is recognised ONe, provided you pay the Fee required by our Associate and the conditions laid by them is agreed from your side for payment and refund formalities....

Scroll and  READ this before filling the Form

We Prefer you to send your self assessed Form to us, as per the New Regulation-CLICK
then later you can fill this assessment form given below

this form maybe used by one, who is seeking to immigrate to Canada.
(Migration for Residence/Business/Investment/Studies etc., but please fill the self assessed Form first)

fill this Form and send it to us and let us inform you whether you score required marks to qualify to apply for an immigrant  visa

.. please complete a separate questionaire for each person over the age of 18 years

Date of filling this Form

Home Phone
Who Referred You
First Name
Your Surname
Street Address
Address (cont.)
Zip/Postal Code
Sex Male Female
Date of Birth
Marital Status
Spouse's Full Name
Child's Name 
Sex Male Female
Child's Name 
Sex Male Female
Child's Name 
Sex Male Female
Please list the names & dates of
all schools, colleges, and universities
attended, and what degree, diploma
or certificate was granted.
Indicate your ability to speak, read
and write, and whether fluently,
well, little or not at all.
Mother Tongue
What is your destination
in Canada?
Do you have a job offer? Yes No
If yes, give details
Do you have relatives
in Canada?
Yes No
If yes,
what is the relationship?
Do any of your relatives
own a business in Canada?
Yes No
If yes, please give full details
Will your relatives assist you
financially, if necessary?
Yes No
Have you or any family
member ever had
medical problems?
Yes No
If yes, give full details
Do you or an immediate
family member have a
criminal record?
Yes No
If yes, give full details
Have you or a family member
ever been denied entry
into any country?
Yes No
If yes, give full details
How much money
do you have in US dollars in:
Liquid Funds
  Real Estate
What is your present income?
What are your total debts?
Work Experience:
Provide as much detail as possible, including years of
experience, job title and responsibilities.
Current Occupation

Date commenced 

Previous Occupations

How long in each? 

Have you ever owned
your own business?
Yes No
If yes, give details --
e.g., what percentage
of the business,
duties, etc .
This Form filled and being sent through 

if you cannot submit the Form from your system means you can follow by
just taking the details and send the information by an ordinary mail/courier or else you may send it by a method cut and paste the Form in your email message body after filling the Form

please call us to find the New Rules & changes (if any) or simply send us an email.  Read  SERVICES for Fees & Handling charges.

a New Regulations effective *June 28, 2002 is applicable only WE WILL WRITE THOSE DETAILS LATER, UNTIL THAT PLEASE SEND US EMAIL TO GET CORRECT VERSION OF THE NEW LAW IMPLEMENTATION.   [fill the new rules based Assessment Form]

* new Marks 67 is applicable effective September 2003, for more details contact us in 24464187  or 9283417528(24 hours)

Dear Valued would be Immigrant.

With my experience these days , I would like to summarise the following following for your kind followup
Kumaraswamy Worldwide is a Company solely run by Mr. Raju Kumaraswamy, International Travel
Consultant (by IATA/UFTAA,Geneva).  He is having 29 years experience in the International Travel Job and Professional Travel Agent, who knows  Ato Z in the Travel industry. an internet mark in theOnline   business with various Sophisticated Travel Portals, which he has affiliated for..   He has taken this Immigrant /Visa counselling job to assist the needed individuals who is looking for better opportunities in the better places of their Choice. Thus we are here to act as your Representative for your Immigrant Visa Processings. 

What is Canada:

As you know from the Map you could see Canada is on the North up corner of the Globe and sharing Borders with United States of America. Canada is welcoming new talents to improve the Country's Labour Force. That is the Reasons many of our Indian friends went and settled in Canada, and working quietly enjoying the good nature of the Canada. (you must note the Climate as well as depends on the Cities where you are planning to go)

How to apply & qualify

It is allowed to apply for Canadian Immigrant Visas over 3 Categories. 1. Skilled Workers  2. Business Immigrant 3. Family Immigrant.Most of the Cases falls under Skilled Workers category. But Businessmen with fixed investment can also apply for Business Visa, (we can help you to invest your money in one of the Canadian Investing Authorities and make arrangements for you to go on a visit visa to see your requirement and then apply for Business Immigrant Visas.
Family Immigrant visa is one which you have your spouse already got the citizenship or the parents who has already on the citizenship could apply for Family Immigrant visas.
Now Refer our New assessment Form and get clarification from us

HOWEVER MAKE SURE THAT YOUR SELECTIVE CATEGORY OF JOB TYPE AND ITS DEFINITION IS *AVAILABLE FOR YOU TO APPLY, * Your qualification and work experience should be equalised that of given in the official site of HRDC, who is holding the list of jobs available for the outside immigrants. Otherwise you would be never qualified to apply, means if you are for to apply as a skilled worker category means you should have your profession and definition of profession is existing with the officiaal site- so that you can ascertain your job code and check the definition for the same to comply with and then to apply for a visa (immigration) by holding 67 as passmark as per the procedure.
Once we come to the conclusion that you would be qualify to apply for the Immigrant Visa, we  would   send or call on you with Application Forms, filling application Forms needs professional care we would take care on filling and other details- Once it is Filled, there are other Certificates to be enclosed along with this application Form (like Police Certificate, Photographs( size as per the requirement of Immigration dept), and other documents etc) We will inform you about it. Be Noted You should also send along with your application 'a proof' of  availability of Canadian Dollars 12000 or more, for it is the requirment of  Immigrant authorities to see that you keep in hand at the time of Landing, for your Survival. (This Proof May be in the Form of Letter from Bank/or Fixed Deposits on your  Name)
Medical Certificate will have to be  taken once you get information from  the Immigrant Authorities,(for its processing requirement). Normally this step comes once you are very much nearer to the approval of your Immigrant Visa. This Certificates are given by Doctors recognised by the Canadian High Commission in India. (we can give you the addresses of such Doctors) Once all done we would send this Form to Delhi, Canadian High Commission and thus process the takes place. Applicants other than from Indian Sub-Continents will be selecting their own contry's Canadian Consulate for applying or else it will be sent to the nearest Canadian Consulate where the immigrant visa application is received.

We would be acting as your Representative to receive information on your  application and would   do all the follow up with you and the  Immigration office.   For this we need your authorisation letter and also in the Form you would have to refer our name   as your  Representative.  Immigrant authorities allows to choose your own Representative(under your Risk), who is  professional in this field. But it is not a must to  have Representative, but in action our Job is valued for.  we could guide  and inform you of the various requirements and changes. So You may decide on this.   We would charge handling charges for this guidance/consultancy/courier/typing/postage/internet/correspondences/telephone/etc.(see in the Fee column)
You may difficult to find it to fill your application without qualified immigration consutlant like myself-so you need our service for you may not repent of not having it later. However, if you are well qualified to do it on your own means there would not be any need for the have to judge yourselves.

Raju Kumaraswamy an International Travel Consultant is doing this job as Immigrant Consultant for Canada after finding its values and good life for the immigrants. We do assist you, guide you, suggest you for to qualify to become an applicant to apply for an immigrant Visa, thereby by proceeding for Canadian Permanent Resident-here we do the job of our Own without hiring any Foreign Agents and Your valuables is secure with us as we deal or communicate with authorities only on behalf of you after getting your Approval for us.Residing in and keeping the Office in the same Premises of No 25 Subramaniyam Colony/ New No 4 Besant Nagar, MG Road, Thiruvanmiyur. Chennai 600041<> 24 hrs. Tel 24464187-Chennai<>For the convenience we also put our small office in [No 59A Asha Mansiion, Monteith Road,Egmore, Chennai-600008, Tel: 52045113]Egmore, at the center of the Chennai City,(last 5 years) to receive clients with easy access from the airport, raiway station and bus stand
Processing & Fee
simply We charge Only Rs. 25000 for the whole processing of guiding you and assisting you and filling your applications with utmost care. Initial Registration Fee is only Rs.15000 and you would be requiring to pay Rs. 10000 after getting the visa. Incase you are not able to pass through the Interview means we shall refund only Rs.9000 out of the registration fee and ofcourse you are not entitled to go in for to pay the balance Rs.10000 -But for people from outside we make charges as per the schedule and possibly with the services of Canadian Associate, so click to view
However apart from our service Fees, you need to pay along with your application the Visa Processing Fee to the Immigration for accepting your application then the right of landing fee once you succeeds in getting your Immigrant visa, there may be some more additional fee if required by the Govt. at the time of your application approval. Spouse and children also to pay the fees along with your application. Call us to check more about it. Medical Fee is required once you are asked to produce plus also Language Skill Test cost if you do not able to satisfy the officer with your Good English.
Check the details in our site for all Fees CLIK

Post Immigrant Services

Though we are based in India, Chennai, we should able to arrange post immigrant services for you.  We shall able to give various references to contact while you are in Canada. We also arrange your Airtickets to fly to Canada, and able to send your Personal Goods/ Cargo to Canada.

It is not recommended to have withdrawal in the middle of processing, if it happens no refund would be paid back from the Handling Fee of ours.(Rs.15000).+ another 10000 agreed to pay at the time of getting Visa.   However if immigrations authorities returns any part of your fee it would be collected and given back to you.
  ..the above details are only for your information and the rules and regulations may change   often and it is the complete authority of the Immigrant authorities to approve various changes   in the Rules time to time, where our sources of information comes from, so we may not take any respoonsibility for the above information's accuracy-better call us and check the latest information.
  Thanks & Best of Luck .....if you feel  that above details are enough & if you want to apply kindly reply to this email.
  ......OR IF YOU NEED FURTHER INFORMATION(on other type of immigrants) pls email me.

Raju Kumaraswamy<>Intnl. Travel Consultant
<>Chennai City<>Tel 24464187 & 9283417528
No 25/New No 4 Subramaniam Colony, 2nd street,/MG Road (Shastri Nagar)/Thiruvanmiyur/Chennai-600041/INDIA

  IF You want to clarify some doubts or for Live Chat/Video Chat  email us for appointment
Or else call me to Call on You at your Office or Home with details, if you are not able to reach us bcz you are busy....

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