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Remember we are not Job Searching or Job Offering Company, we into only Immigration Consultancy Services, for which we take our service charges, rest any You would be required to make direct to the Agents in Newzealand, for that we may not able to stand guarantee against such payments, however we have selected very good Companies to deal with such cases. But the risk factor is Yours, so we advise you to check the creditability of such agents with reliable government authorities of their good will in the market.
First you should see that you enter into EOI {Expression of Interest}by getting required 100+marks, which includes also your job offer or current employment or once you see that your job type is comes under required categories means you can go into EOI {provided you hold 100+}. You will be charged around 465NZ$ as a Processing Fee by the authorities and incase you need our asssitance in acting as your agent we will charge Rs.5000 services charges (refundable 3000 if application is rejected) send your REQUEST FORM FOR PRE-EOI ASSESSMENT !!remember we need to get 1000 RS. for assessing REQUEST FORM for EOI preparations, Once EOI preparations are set We Charge 5000 Rs. for EOI Processing in Offline-You can also do your own processing at the NZIA's site, free of cost.
it is imperative to find first your quality in getting marks 100+ and choose to have your job category required (as per POL) mentioned in the following Links,
   'cluster', 'area of absolute skills shortage' & identified future growth area'

Payment is very important fact where we need to assist and give information to the "Seekers" if they are not in a position to do themselves to get into the processing of "EOI". The fact is one should able to understand that they qualify themselves even for applying into 'EOI'.
We need to charge Rs.1000 along with this " Request Form" or any one who needs to know much about whether they qualify to become an applicant for NewZealand. Payment also can be made in US$ to our Bank account.
Bank Account Details:
Account Name: Raju Kumaraswamy   Account No: 60142010024620   Syndicate Bank, Egmore Branch, Chennai, India. People from outside India will pay in US Dollars for all Fees & Charges. Please convert it to applicable currency rates in your country of Residence.

this amount Rs.500(foreigners US$15)collected only to give you reply against your "job Offer Request Form" or any deep information you may need to qualify as a Skilled Migrant to Newzealand, this is not refundable and nothing to do with any other processing fees, which might come into effect once you decide to go ahead about your application
Note (updated 29/04/2005) JOB OFFER LETTER or Job related can be obtained through the following Link JOB OFFER from NEWEALAND JOB SERVICES COMPANY    (subject to your own risk and managment with the company linked, we, kumaraswamy worldwide is not responsible as we are only an affiliate to market their services)

JOB OFFER LETTER:  if you need we will assist to arrange it for you from our Associate in NewZealand-the charges are separate, please see down

JOB OFFER REQUEST FORM or REQUEST FORM {EOI, preparations} Fill and send it immediately... or else Scroll down to reach the Form...
NewZealand, immigration is much valued now that of requirement of Skilled Category Professional to work and helpful for the Economy of Newzeland, so the immigration law is now very much related to the 'Job Offer'-from New Zealand Employers.
So we have concluded to assist you by sending your Resume to one of the best Immigration Services Agents in NewZealand, provided if you send your resume as per the "Job Offer Request Form" given under this pages (just scroll down to see the Form or simply CLICK to reach JOB OFFER REQUEST FORM
Suppose you find it useful and you are about to get a start means we shall able to describe the the other Fees involved in processing your application or any other services. You may also go to the following link Service Fees NewZeland for Job Offer


We also arrange to get admission into the Colleges/Universities/ Polytechnics or any other professional Institutes for your continuation in studying at the Beautiful country NewZealand. We have more than 40 Educational Institutes in our List where you can proceed your Education after doing your Schoo or Graduate or any other Diplomas
Send down Email to see the University Information and EMAIL US
Raju Kumaraswamy writes....
Many Professional from Developing Countries needs to go out of their Country for better propspects, NewZealand is one of the option they assume and looking desperately to get into NewZealand, but the New Rules and Regulations are much tougher to get into, on the other way this is made in keeping the security of the Nation as first priority. So people look into qualified and experienced Immigration Consultant to look into their requirments-so we make this site to have contacts with us for any assistance you may need, but nothing is free without service charges as we spend our time and energy to go through this complex system and give you an idea of how to start after that it is your problem to proceed if you are really falls under the category of a personnel needed by the Labour Department, and as per the suitability of the developement and usefulness of the Economy as a whole.
So Myself has taken all effort to master this rules and being an International Travel Consultant (IATA/UFTAA)Geneva, I have taken utmost care to deal with Internatioal Searchers for going to apply as "Immigrant" for New Zealand the Country of Peace and Love. There are many factors to be considered before applying for an Immigrant Visa- First Your Age should not be more than 55 Years, You should be Healthy enough to immigrate -Your Character has to be certified and your English Language should be much perfect and lastly you would be falling under the category of qualified Skilled all this details we can give you and we have taken so much effort to understand this complex rules and giving you the services, of course we may not able to guarantee for your success at the interview, where what all we tell you is how to behave at the time of Interview- No agent can give you an assurance about your success all depends upon how good you behave and how good you keep all documents intact and how good your are useful to development of Economy of the Country

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own Service, with Job Searching (Job Offer) in NewZealand, we will help you how to apply and qualify for it... call us immediately or send us an email.  Let us be your Professional Representative to guide
your goodselves for Processing your Papers.
However We can also handle your papers with the help of our NewZealand Associate, provided you pay the Fee required by our Associate and the conditions laid by them is agreed from your side for payment and refund formalities....

REQUEST FORM [Draft CV Template]
this form maybe used by one, who is seeking to immigrate to NEWZEALAND.
(Migration for Residence/Business/Investment/Studies etc., but please fill the Job Offer Request Form first, so that your chances can be ascertained immediately) Payment Rs.500 required to go on with this 'start-Processing', where we would able to inform you about your creditability to apply for an Immigrant Visa
You can also buy an Information "KIT" from us for a Rs.50 and do your own home work for finding about your quality to apply with eligibility.
.. please complete a separate questionaire for each person over the age of 18 years

this is your Career Form which will be shown to your would-be Employers, so take utmost care to fill it nicely, neatly, efficiently & correctly........

Date of filling this Form

Home Phone
Mobile Phone
Who Referred You
First Name
Your Surname
Street Address
Address (cont.)
Zip/Postal Code
Sex Male Female
Date of Birth
Marital Status
Residency Status:
Drivers License:
Newzealand, International or from your Country

(include all languages spoken/written and also IELTS score out of 9 for English if you have it. If you did not need this because your education was at an English speaking school, then you should say so)
Career's Objective:
Be specific and make this from your Heart. e.g. Whant do you want to be doing in five year's time where you do you want your career to be developing. Example:Iwant to be a respected and successful civil engineer in the NewZealand consulting industry utilizing my CAD skills and working towards a specialist and expert role in residential and light commercial construction)

6-8 Points. Stick to Facts no Opinion (A Good idea is to imagine how your former work collegues would describ your skills. Here are a few unconnected Examples
- Capable Communicator with proven relationship management skills
-Experienced in front line customer service roles in FMCG environment
-Data entry speed 6,000 per hour with 98.4 accuracy
-Able to prepare working drawings from Engineering Plans using CAD2000
If your backgorund is in IT, or associated types of industries, then we recommend that you include the following two tables, or some similiar version, because it displays a quick, easy to read summary of your skills and experience. If you are not in the IT industry then pleae ignore this section. 

this section is only for whom experienced in IT sectors..
Write the details on the following the examples:
Key Software Skills
Assessment of Technical Skills

.     FILL Details down in the Box given under:

Education & Training
Start from present and work backwards. Remember to include major subject studied and a tittle information about your University, especially if it is one of those accredited by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority. Also show if your degree has been assessed by NZQA and if so at what level. You should also include any major training programmes attended in the past 5 to 10 years that is directly related tothe job you are applying for..
Work Experience:
Again start from present work backwards but don't go further back then 10 years or last three jobs (whicheveris longest period).
Show year and Name of Organisation, Type of Business, Job Title, Responsibilities and Achievements and two separate headings. Remember that Responsibilities are what you were expected to do and Achievements are what you diddo. Make sure that you are specificwith your acheivement statement.
e.g. Planned and Developed website in 2001 featuring online membership application and renewal, information on player, FAQ's and weekly newsletter for South Devon Soccer Club within time frame and budget established by the Club's Board of Management.

Current Occupation Attributes: (feel free to express some opinion here)
Experienced and competent Engineer, Great sense of Humor, Enthusiastic and motivated team player ,etc
Professional Associations
(Show your membership of such Organisations as Society of Accountants, Institute of Engineers, etc. etc., including memberships for your own Country)
Other Interests:
[Include any Leadership role you may have had in either a sporting or community position and your ahievements [if any] in that capacity don't include general membership/involvement unlessit has some relevance tothe job you are applying for]
if the job is Database Administrator and you have done this one the voluntary basis for a large club or organisatin you belong to then it would be appropriate to include it.

This Form filled and being sent through

N O T E *

Once You complete this Form, submit and then go to the to fill the other form called Client Information Form

EDUCATION in Newzealand
We have the following Universities to enroll yourselves....we will assist you to have your ways easier to enroll.

Digitrain & Educol are private training establishment registered and accredited with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority. This accreditation allows us to assess against a varied of Unit Standards of the National Unit Standards Framework. Digitrain was founded in April 2000 by Karen Mills, the Director. Digitrain is a company of highly experienced professionals within the industry. &
email us for this Institute immediately.
for all NewZealand Universities and Courses kindly clik to see the link
for Other Countries, go to Universities in UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Switzerland & Ireland.....choose your education and enjoy the studies abroad
Email us...
Service Fees has to be paid (You Must Take Receipt direct from the bank account mentioned -We do not have any branches anywhere in India except in the city of Chennai to kumaraswamy worldwide only otherwise -We do not have appointed agents or franchisees -For the time being we do not represent any Companies from Newzealand. we will not be responsible for any transaction.. call 24464187, chennai.

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